Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Value of a facility tour

Do you …

• need to increase sales by giving your potential client a better understanding of your capabilities?
• give tours of your facility?
• speak at civic clubs?
• want new employees to quickly understand their contribution to your production process?
• present viewers a consistent message, while showing them a process in great detail?

A facility tour video can save you time – deliver a consistent, thorough message – and strengthen relations with your community and your clients.  That's why First Cut Communications, LLC (formerly Paul French & Partners) has been producing plant tour videos for forty years.  We distribute our videos on DVD, web, iPhone, iPads, and just about any other media.

Our videos are designed to give outsiders and new employees a clear understanding of what you do and how you do it.  We can segment your video so that it can also be used for sales, orientations, and presentations to civic organizations.  Our goal is to give you the best video with the best return on your investment.

Would you like to see the video tour?  Call me and I will be happy to arrange it.


Matt French

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are your employees job hunting?

Are your employees job hunting? USA TODAY reports that employee morale and loyalty are at three-year lows - but there's also growing optimism that a better job is out there. Consequently, four-in-ten employees are beginning to job hunt.

Based on data from 384 metros in all states, Ronald Leopold, VP of MetLife's U.S. adds: "Businesses are understandably focused on expenses, but they're taking their eye off the ball with human capital issues, notably what drives employee satisfaction and loyalty."

With 4 in 10 workers confident that they can soon find a better job, now is the time to show, in inexpensive ways, that your company values and appreciates its employees. One of the most efficient ways is to train your company's supervisors to help deliver that message.

I hope you'll check out First Cut Communications website - for proven custom videos or AGTS-web.com for off-the-shelf training or call me personally (706-882-5581) - that can help you retain experienced employees and make them glad they didn't leave.

Remember to communicate. People appreciate it.


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