Monday, March 11, 2013

How do you crack the list of the “100 Best Companies to work for?”

How do you crack the list of the “100 Best Companies to work for?”

You know the list we’re talking about. Every year, FORTUNE magazine ranks companies that rate highly with their own employees. Over the years, First Cut Communications has seen familiar names on that list . . . names we’re proud to do business with. One company in particular is a perennial regular and often in  the top ten.

We recently worked on a new orientation video with them and again got the opportunity to see up close and personal why the company scores so highly with employees year after year. It sounds almost too basic, but first and foremost, they focus on what’s important – the core issues that most affect the people who work there.

Constant dialogue is key. From Day One, employees know they can talk with anybody and their voices will be heard. The culture of listening starts at the top and flows down to line management. There’s a definite eye on continuous improvement, whether it’s products and systems, or employee wants and wishes.

The company recognizes great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Finding better ways to do what needs to be done not only helps the bottom line but employee relations as well. Whether it’s automating drudge tasks or searching for opportunities to fulfill employees’ needs, this company lives by the credo that you take care of your people and they take care of your customers. The fastest way to end a career at the company is to treat fellow employees badly. Fortunately, that doesn't happen very often.

As we saw once again during our most recent visit, people are proud of the place where they work. It’s probably why so many of them start young and end up making long-term careers at the company. Respect for each other and taking a true interest in the welfare of each and every employee are not just words on paper but a guiding principle of how the company operates.
Communicating, collaborating and caring. That’s the short formula for the “Best” success.

Three union campaigns in 30 days stopped COLD.

That’s a sampling of the track record for 2013. In the space of just 30 days, our new card-signing video Signing Your Rights Away stopped three union campaigns in their tracks. Some companies are using it for prevention in orientation meetings; others when the rumblings begin. Could you use some of that firepower?

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