Friday, April 8, 2011

What does your orientation say about your company?

We've all been through an orientation. So, what was the impression you received from your last orientation? Have you seen your company's current orientation? What impression do your new hires receive?

Wow, that's an old video. Where did they get those clothes, from a museum?

Or did they think... 

Wow, this is a first-class operation. I'm lucky to have landed a job here.

At First Cut Communications, LLC we develop powerful orientation videos that assure new arrivals that they made a great decision, as well as sell the company's position on third party interference.

Some of our clients show their orientation via the web so that new hires know what to expect their first day. Others prefer to wait and show their orientation in a controlled environment.

Either way, an orientation video makes that important first impression. And, First Cut can help you make certain your company's first impression on each new hire is a great one.

Remember to communicate. People appreciate it.


Matt French
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