Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NEW Campaign Videos for 2012!
Sometimes, it’s best to get right to the point. Issues like union life, communications, decertification and competitiveness are often elements of a union campaign that need clarification. First Cut Communications' sister company AGTS is proud to announce some effective, informative and entertaining short (2-3 minute) videos on those topics . . . some of the most important and least understood subjects. Presented in a format suitable for break rooms, on websites, in meetings, as stand-alones and/or as part of a larger media blitz, these hard-hitting videos grab attention and focus on aspects of union activity that all employees (and even managers) need to know . . . before a vote takes place. Click on the one that you would like to see a preview of: Union Life, Communications, Decertification, and Competitiveness

AGTS provides videos on DVD, with streamed, online delivery available for most video courses, as well as eLearning or Computer Based Training (CBT) courses. We cover topics such as Management Training, Labor Relations, Diversity, Harassment, Workplace Violence, ADA, First Time Supervisor Training, and Union Avoidance.

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