Monday, April 8, 2013

Are too many of your employees falling down on the job?
And yes, we mean that literally. Do you know how much businesses spend a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses? One estimate is about $170 billion. That’s billion with a “b.” And every dollar of those expenditures is directly related to the bottom line of a company’s profitability – or lack thereof.
It’s no secret that job related injuries increase operational expenses (think absenteeism, re-training and defective parts for starters). Employee morale also suffers, as well as productivity.
Safe work environments attract better talent. Better talent produces better products. Better products produce more sales. And more sales produce . . . well, you get the picture.
Strong safety and health programs are proven profit boosters. A Fortune Five company increased productivity by 13%, while a small, 50-person plant decreased defective parts and saved more than $265,000.* Those are real, tangible savings for very little investment.
Don’t just tell your employees safety is key, show them. Let them know you recognize they are the best assets your company has. A safe workplace is a better workplace for everyone. We can help you spread the word with a professionally produced custom safety video that expressly addresses your company’s unique situation.
*data from OSHA


Finally a new video...

Our new card signing video Signing Your Rights Away continues to work well for our clients. Some have an urgent use for it, while others are using it as part of their orientation process. And freshness creates awareness. We just had a new client run Signing Your Rights Away in a facility that has had previous issues. The employees were excited that the company had invested in a new card signing video so they didn’t have to watch “that old one” (which we didn’t produce, by the way) that had been used for years. (Proving again that employees do indeed pay attention and like open communications.)

We believe it is important to explain to your associates the risk involved with signing a union card, not only to the associate, but to the long time survival of the company as well.


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